Friday, 13 December 2013

Wrong label

Decades ago, in a Dublin bar, I met a woman who thought that I, an Englishman, was Danish; I like to think it was due to my height or my flaxen tuft, but I have a feeling it was in reaction to my elided words (it had been a long evening).
A still more disturbing misidentification was that of the unfortunate “Ringerl”, pictured above. Ringerl was a female Olinguito wrongly classified as an Olingo, (Olinguitos were identified as a species only this year). Between 1967 and 1976, in an effort to get her to breed, Ringerl was paired to male Olingos in five zoos across the United States. Not surprisingly nothing happened. It would be the equivalent of expecting a woman to couple with a chimpanzee or even a fair-haired beanpole who's enthusing about “fayltaksidermi”.