Friday, 27 January 2012


   Epiphanies vary in intensity, ranging from the quintessential conversion that prompted Saul of Tarsus to turn an obscure and unlikely case of reincarnation into a world wide death cult to the more mundane revelations enjoyed by people who pay psychotherapists to tell them to think about themselves for a change.

   I once had an epiphany, it was while sailing through Wallonia, I made a note of the exact time and location of its occurrence as, by all accounts, that's an important part of having one. Unfortunately I lost the note, which degrades my moment of searing clarity somewhat, reducing it instead to a brief realisation that occurred somewhere in Belgium on a boat.

   Whatever the correct term for my psychic experience the exhilaration of having suddenly found a subject to eternally explore (In my case the relationship between small aviary birds and their owners) quite overwhelmed me, waves of certainty washed my doubts away leaving my future as immaculate and full of promise as a newly laid zebra finch egg.