Thursday, 6 October 2011

Malplaquet House

   Malplaquet House is in London's East End. It was named after the eponymous battle fought in 1709 that resulted in a Pyrrhic victory for the Duke of Marlborough and his gang against the French and their gang (the 'victors' lost over 21,000 men, twice that of those who retreated to fight another day).

   The house has had a chequered history but is now owned by Tim Knox and Todd Longstaffe-Gowan who have decorated it almost perfectly. I say 'almost' because a discerning eye would appreciate that it needs more old taxidermy.

Photo; Barry Lewis

Look at that; a nice Cape buffalo with turtle skull and assorted whale vertebrae.  

Fine Warthog skull on the extreme right, I think that's a Zebu top left.

An impressive pair of Gannets, and an interesting gallinule next to the egret.

A successful landing

An excellent Himalayan Tahr

Behind the Ostrich skeleton is the Zebu head again and under that a Razorbill, and under that a Golden pheasant, and under that- it's difficult to make it out even with my magnifying glass -  

- ah, now I see, fascinating...