Saturday, 17 September 2011

Magnificent kitsch

   The French term for a ship's hull, une coque (a shell), is particularly apt in the case of my latest vide-grenier (car boot sale) find. The man selling this metre long shell-incrusted vessel couldn't believe anyone would want to buy it as he found it extremely ugly - it was a gift from in-laws - and is covered in grease from years of sitting in a kitchen. It sails under the green and red of County Mayo, though I suspect that's because paints of that colour happened to be around during construction. Whatever its history I'm delighted with the end product.

   It even lights up!

   I've been informed by a professional that the trick to cleaning the shells is to dab them individually with cotton swabs dipped in acetone. I'm filled with a weary ennui at the prospect of such a tedious task, luckily I will never get around to performing it.